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Frequently asked questions

No question without answer

Yes, we have a free caravan washing service (including the roof) once a year. If you need more washes, check out our rates, and contact us to schedule it.

Of course. We can keep everything you need for the months you need, and even, if it suits you, also for days.

Yes, but remember that for any withdrawal you must notify us one week in advance. So on the day you tell us, we will have everything ready for you.

Yes, always with prior notice, as we have security measures that do not allow access to anyone who is not identified and sometimes, the caravan will have to be moved to facilitate access.

Yes, there are length and height restrictions for very large motorhomes, and length of more than 9 meters for covered caravans. Outdoors, there is no limitation. Ask us about the available places and we will inform you of everything.

Yes, at Parking Magima we have insurance that covers vehicles as long as they are inside our facilities. This coverage is against fire and theft of the vehicle’s interior.

Parking Caravaning Magima has an insurance contract that covers the risks of overturning, collision, fire and robbery during transportation. Regarding damage to third parties, caravans of less than 750 kg are covered by the insurance of the vehicle that transports it. However, those registered over 750 Kg must have their own road insurance.

We help our customers who want to get rid of their vehicle to sell their caravan to the best buyer. We have a network of contacts to manage the sale, but in no case the caravan is our own property, so we are the link between seller and buyer.

Well, we don’t have caravans or motorhomes for rent. What we do is, act as a link between customers who want to sell their property and potential new owners, just in case you change your mind!

Yes! The ITV service is a service that is carried out 100% by us prior to agreement and payment. The price includes both the management, as well as passing the ITV and the cost of it.

You can still do the removal, but then, it may not be ready at the time that suits you better, and if you still have a free wash and we are in the middle of the high season with a lot of work and clients, it could happen that this could not be done.

No, as the contract is automatically renewed, as long as payment is made, and the place is reserved for you.

No, we always notify you in advance when the contract ends, so that we can renew it.

There is no problem. You come and collect your vehicle, but we do not return the money already paid in terms of the contract for the agreed terms and duration.

We accept payments in cash, debit/credit card and bank transfer.

Please, write us in this form, and we will reply shortly with all the necessary information.