Make of your stay a complete experience


Make of your stay a complete experience

From the exhaustive cleaning of the caravans to the safe transportation to and back to the campsites, the necessary repairs, ITV inspections, among others, we are here to take care of your vehicle with dedication and professionalism. Whatever your need is, our experienced and qualified team will work diligently to provide you an exceptional service.

Explore our detailed services below and find out how we can improve your experience with your caravan or motorhome.

Transportation to the campsite

Forget about any hassle both at the beginning and at the end of your vacation. We take the caravan to a campsite in the area of your choice, leaving it on the plot and on the day and time you wish. At the end of the stay, we will collect it punctually, quickly and with the security that it will return to our caravan parking, until you need it again.

Washing caravans

Your caravan as clean as brand new. Washing is carried out with a Kärcher pressure water machine, for the entire caravan, including the roof.

This service is offered free of charge once a year. For more washes, check the price.

Tire review

The tire pressure is always checked before leaving the parking, to ensure safety and prevent any unnecessary delay in the journey.

This service is always offered free of charge before any withdrawal.


Any fix in sight?

If so, in this case we will take your caravan to the Caravaning Cambrils mechanic shop, to Rodi Motors or to a mechanic shop in the area that we trust or that you choose, always with a previously accepted budget.


We know that legal obligations are always a drag, they must be complied. For this reason, we take care of passing the Vehicle Technical Inspection (ITV) for you.

Always ready.


No unforeseen events.

During the year we offer the service of connecting batteries, to safeguard and extend their useful life. When you come to collect your caravan, the entire electrical system will be working properly.


Do you have bikes, camping chairs and tables, hammocks, coolers, are you?

Now you don’t have to take it home with you. Leave it in our warehouse and we’ll take care of it for you until next time.


Do you want to sell your caravan? We help you find a buyer thanks to our network of contacts.

Do you need something else and think we can help you? Contact us!